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I was born in 1971 in a city called Satu Mare, located in the northwestern region of Romania. Music and instruments have interested me since I was very young. My first experience performing in front of a group of people was at the age of six, playing the piano accordion.

I began playing the guitar at the age of fourteen, and in 1986, my first band named CROSS was created.

In 1990 came HARON, and in 1993 INBORN - bands in which I performed simultaneously with until 1995. We had demo registrations, festivals, and tours in Transylvania, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

Our band HARON put on the first rock opera in Romania, which I co-composed.

I suffered from an injured tendon from June 1995 to November 1996 that prevented me from playing guitar. During this period, I became acquainted with meditation. My recovery was followed by the formation of a new band called RAINDUST. This was my first band playing exclusively instrumental music.

After 1999, my attention was directed more and more towards acoustic music and the acoustic guitar - mainly influenced by the guitarist, Sándor Szabó. At first, I took some classical guitar lessons in Satu Mare, and continued my studies in Budapest, Hungary a year later.

I composed the background music for a meditation CD that was released in 2002. Three others followed.

I finished my first and second solo albums in 2003 and 2004. In the meantime, I also composed music in my studio for a few theater plays.

I am always happy to perform at the openings of different art exhibitions. An important appearance of mine was at the opening of an exhibition of the Photographer József Tamás Fazekas in 2005.

In June 2006, I had the opportunity to appear in concert with Sándor Szabó for the first time.

In 2007, I recorded my first solo acoustic guitar CD titled "Without Words".

In 2011, I was invited by Peter Finger to play in a five-concert tour in Germany.

In 2012, I began to collaborate with The Monroe Institute USA composing music for meditation.

In 2013, I published my second solo acoustic guitar album titled "Between", I was invited by Sándor Szabó to play a tour of five shows in Hungary.

In 2014, I formed a new band named KFS-TRIO playing experimental music.

I shared the stage with artists such as: Muriel Anderson, Agócsi-Tüske Duo, Claus Boesser-Ferrari, Bob Bonastre, Steve Boughman, Gionni Di Clemente, Carlos Dorado, Peter Finger, Ralf Gauck, Andreas Georgiou, Roland Heidrich, Vojislav Ivanovic, Boyan Karanjuloff, Aleksandra Lazarevic, Ljubo Majstorovic, Konarak Reddy, Sándor Szabó, and Zoltán Szilágyi.